A Microsoft Azure DevOps Extension

With the latest developments of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business
Central, we face new challenges. Business Central comes with a
complete new Development Model (AL) that can be combined with
Microsoft Azure DevOps.

To reduce the challenge, let us introduce ALOps, a Microsoft Azure
DevOps extension you can find on the Marketplace for managing
your build & release steps based on AL development. With ALOps,
we manage (and maintain) the PowerShell for you. You’re able to
do a complete build and release pipelines without any trace of
PowerShell, on Docker, OnPrem or SaaS. We manage the
complexities that come with the rapid updates and changes.

Complete documentation can be found on our GitHub Project.



No PowerShell knowledge needed for the most complex build and release pipelines
No deployment delays for Saas or OnPrem
Let ALOps manage the complexity of the many different Business Central versions
Tagged builds, which means transparency out-of-the-box
Free for open source projects

Get started with the 30-day free trial

Get ALOps for Microsoft Azure DevOps, a CI/CD pipeline tool for easy setting up build and release pipelines for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Extensions. The trial period is 30 days, starting when the extension is installed.


We want the decision to use ALOps to be a no-brainer for any person. Thanks to ALOps, you don't have to worry about very specific knowledge on the combination of technologies like Docker, Builds, Devops, Powershell, AL, ... To make it as accessible as at all possible, we worked out these pricing models to be able to fit anyone's needs.

For public projects

The tool will be free for public GitHub or DevOps repositories. All you need to do, is install the extension in Microsoft Azure DevOps, set up a build pipeline, and you are good to go!

For companies

If you have a professional company, you have the choice between the a couple of licensing options.


You can visit the publishers GitHub repository for extension related questions.